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Its name is ollala and it is the first dildo as warm as a male penis.

It works without batteries and you need neither electric cables nor water or anything.

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Amazing!! You just press it slightly with your finger and ollala soon “turns on”.. within a very short time he will be

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Eva: I can’t help slipping it in, as soon as I run it down my legs and I feel it getting warmer and warmer. It’s hard to believe.

Natascha: I would have hardly thought that a dildo can make me feel so good and so hot and all that for so long. Ollala is really as warm and hard as a male prick! You just touch it and it gets ready and I come.

Jessica: well, I have been with Alex for three years so far, and he is always hot, just like me. Well, you know what I mean, we both like dirty sex. We tried different vibrators already, just to play or to do nasty jokes. But this dildo is definetely the best! I recommend it to everybody.

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