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FAQ – Important Information

1. Why is warmth so extremely important for sexual intercourse?

Warmth relaxes both vagina and anal muscles, it promotes blood circulation, stimulates the body’s own lubricant production and increases the feeling of pleasure.

Cold, on the other hand, leads to cramping muscles, vagina and anal equally, it blocks the production of the body’s own lubricants and disrupts the feeling of pleasure. Simply put, the feeling of pleasure plunges.

2. What’s the difference between the OllaLa dildo and all other dildos and vibrators?

It is the only dildo available that generates permanent warmth; it works without electricity or battery, and its warmth corresponds to the body’s own temperature.

Because when excited, the internal temperature of a woman’s vagina reaches 100.4 °F , and the same temperature can also be measured in the anus. The same temperature is measured in the anus of the man as in a woman’s. This is naturally the case for both men and women, as Mother Nature always knows what she is doing and why she does it just so.

3. Why do dildos and vibrators have to be warm to guarantee fun?

The reason for this is that these are without exception objects that are inserted vaginally or/and anally into the body and, while doing so, touch the mucous membranes of the vagina and anus which are highly temperature sensitive.

Warm or cold, these are the determining factors. These factors decide how the body reacts to whether the inserted object is perceived as pleasant and pleasurable or, on the other hand, as unpleasant and irritating.

4. And why do dildos and/or vibrators have to be at body temperature?

This is because of the physiology of the man when he is sexually aroused. A lot of blood is pumped into the penis of an excited man until it swells properly and becomes erect. The penis reaches a temperature of 100.4 °F. This temperature matches exactly the temperature measured inside a woman’s vagina. Only this temperature guarantees that the sexual intercourse can unfold its natural intense irresistible and lustful effect.

There’s a good reason that the man’s penis only measures 100.4 °F in its excited state, and that this state is in a functional relation to sexual intercourse. This is designed that way by nature. If the man’s penis would be as cold as a conventional dildo or vibrator, on the other hand, the majority of women certainly wouldn’t enjoy having sex with a man who has a cold penis. Each and every woman would refuse to have sex with a man with a cold penis.

The same is true when looking at the woman’s physiology when sexually aroused. The vagina inside and the labia outside swell as they are supplied with plenty of blood. In addition, the vagina’s mucous membranes produce plenty of lubricant, ensuring that sexual intercourse runs smoothly and, above all, extremely pleasurable.

In excited state, the vagina also reaches a temperature of 100.4 °F. Mother Nature has arranged it that way perfectly.

This cartoon shows the difference between how cold and warmth are perceived in an impressive and humorous way:

5. How does the OllaLa dildo work?

The dildo contains a harmless salt solution with the ability to store warmth. This salt is absolutely harmless, it is used in the food industry and is approved for this purpose.

The salt solution inside the dildo only needs to be activated so it can release the stored warmth. This very easy to do, as shown in this cartoon.

The emitted warmth remains constant for about 45 minutes to 90 minutes at 100.4 °F, depending on the size of the dildo.

6. How to recharge the OllaLa dildo?

There are 3 very simple ways to recharge the dildo:

  • Put the dildo in the oven for a certain time.
  • Put the dildo in a pot with boiling water for a certain time.
  • Put the dildo in the microwave for a certain time.

It’s up to you which of these 3 ways you choose.

No matter which one you choose, after this you have a dildo that is pumped with warmth and just waiting to release that warmth again.

7. How often can you recharge the OllaLa dildo?

The dildo can be recharged infinitely, there is no expiration date.

8. Is there an instruction manual for the OllaLa dildo?

Yes, there is a detailed instruction manual enclosed with the package. In addition, a new instruction manual can be requested at any time if you lose the enclosed manual.

Simply send a request to:  

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