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I would like to tell you a short story.

Every story usually starts something like this: once there was a man (me), who, a long time ago, developed a passion for integrating the use of the dildo while having sex with his women. I have women with a variety of choice in female sex toys as some are fond of women vibrators, others love dildos and a few are attracted by plugs and beads.

In particular, dildos have always been used by me and my women during foreplay, during the alternate sessions of sex and even more during breaks when I have to take a moment of rest between the orgasms. Women vibrators, dildos, anal plugs and many other sex toys for women are a vital part of my sex arsenal.

The only reason for the existence of women sex toys is to enhance pleasure and that’s why we integrate women vibrators, dildos, dongs and other female sex toys into our sex life. One of the main reasons why I like to use a dildo is because many women confessed to me that when they get fucked with a dildo, in their mind they live the fantasy that they were being fucked by another man.

This fantasy causes an irresistible excitement for them, which in turn excites me too. I don’t mind that, because I love women and value their emotions, therefore, I want them to feel the ultimate pleasure and fully enjoy whatever they do. Female sex toys not only boost the sexuality but dildos, women vibrators, butt plugs and similar women sex toys provide you the pleasure and ecstasy, not felt ordinarily.

The expectations about women sex toys tend to be high, but not all the women vibrators, dildos and dongs prove to be pleasurable. Unfortunately, during these little games, many of my women would often complain about the low temperature of dildo, even after a very short time. The cold dildo, almost always, turned them off and everything was screwed. Even the best common dildos and vibrators, due to their nature and their materials, are never warmer than the room temperature which is around 73°F- 82°F.

There is a clear difference of 18°F to 25°F between the room temperature and the body temperature. So you’re not going to reach fucking climax with a cold dildo or vibrator! Many would like to believe that the dildo reaches the body temperature thanks to the pussy’s warmth; that’s actually the other way around; the dildo absorbs the pussy’s warmth and cools it down, a thing you can clearly perceive after you fuck a pussy for 5 minutes with a cold dildo or vibrator.

There are some very rare women who don’t complain about the ordinary sex toys for women and they might not notice the flaws of a dildo or a women vibrator or other female sex toys. A small side-note: to all those women who say they can have fun with a cold dildo too, I can only say, kudos to you, you are some incredibly horny women. And if you have already experienced a good time with a cold dildo, it is guaranteed that once you try the warm OllaLa dildo you won‘t be able to put it down.

I speak from experience.

I’ve been using dildos with all of my women for years now, which is sufficient enough for me to say that I have a deep knowledge of the subject. To all the males who have doubts regarding my statements I would like to say, you can very easily check for yourself how you feel if you stick a cold dildo up your ass. You will soon realize it is not pleasurable in the very least to have a cold dildo up your ass.

Naturally, I have tried everything over time to warm these dildos up.

I tried submerging them in hot water, I put them in the oven, or on the heater as well. All these tricks brought a small improvement and for a few minutes only, never more than that. After a very short time, temperature dropped and the thing was cold again, which led to the same disappointment.

Because of the anticipation of ultimate pleasure from female sex toys, even slightly pleasurable dildos, dongs or women vibrators may cause agony and disappointment in those explosive moments. I personally, still have to find a woman who, although lusty and excited, would feel pleasure playing with a cold dildo for more than 5 minutes. I would like to hear your experiences, especially those contrary to my particular experiences.

For this reason, more than 15 years ago, I resolved to look for a warm dildo.

I started searching for a warm dildo on the Internet and in many sex toy shops. The research was not easy at all. After about one year of searching, I found a few models marketed as warm dildos or dildos that you could warm up. They were products you could fill up with hot water, or battery-operated models or even dildos that needed a power outlet. I tested them all to check their performances but the result was quite disappointing.

The water-filled models provided a relatively acceptable result during the trial phase. These models had a screw-on cap on the bottom that you could unscrew and pour hot water in. However, the first major flaw was that these dildos could get more or less warm; being dependent on the temperature of the water poured in. So finding the optimal temperature for pleasure still remained a dream.

Moreover, those dildos were made of plastic or metal, which are not good conductors of heat. Consequently, the warmth of the water was never really felt on the outer and the most important surface of the dildo. It was not only impossible to find the right temperature but the amount of heat present vanquished in not time as the water temperature drops down quite fast. So the outcome brought more disappointment.

Another major drawback was that in order to provide a screw-on cap to prevent the accidental leakage, all these dildos were too stiff and inflexible, lacking the realness of an actual penis. The designers had a dilemma to face, just think about a classic warm water bag, its material would not be suitable for dildos; it would be too soft, like a limp dick.

The other variety of dildos is heated by an electric source in the form of batteries or direct electricity. The underlying principle is the same as both varieties use internal coiled or oval-shaped resistors, and the electric current circulating in these resistors makes the dildo warm. The overall performance of these models is very disappointing. The warmth was barely perceptible and only localized near the resistor.

Furthermore, batteries die out quickly in battery-operated models, while if you use cabled models you have to have a power outlet nearby which limits your mobility during the pleasure game. Many women were very uncomfortable knowing that there was electricity flowing in these dildos. The only noticeable advantage is that they generally aren’t too stiff, rather soft in structure. These were my futile experiments with various warm dildos.

I was really disappointed with the performances of these products.

A motivation took birth inside me to manufacture a dildo that has such a place among the female sex toys that cannot be rivaled by any other dildo, dong, women vibrator or other sex toys for women. I am a very creative person and I had already patented several inventions that were way more complex than a warm dildo. Female sex toys are meant to give the women that ‘delicious release’ they eagerly seek, and that’s why poor-quality dildos and flawed women vibrators, very soon, find their place in trash.

Keeping that in mind, I seriously got to work on it, to come up with an actually warm dildo. I was successful in my quest for a perfect warm dildo, not only having the right temperature but also the ability to retain it till the time you feel that intoxicating pleasure. That’s how “OllaLa” came into being as the King of female of sex toys whose supremacy cannot be challenged by any ordinary dildo, women vibrator or any other sex toy for women.

In the year 2004 I filed my industrial patent application for an actually warm dildo, naming it “OllaLa”, and the name “OLLALA” is registered as a trademark. You can find detailed info regarding the OLLALA dildo on the website.

You can just Google “OLLALA”. A small clarification: Google tends to automatically edit and suggest the term “OLALA” instead of “OLLALA” and I have no idea why Google does it. You just have to make sure you search for the word OLLALA (with two Ls). An even simpler method is to just search for “dildo OLLALA” or “OLLALA dildo“. In this case Google shouldn‘t have any doubts.

I welcome your valuable comments and suggestions.  

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