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How must dildos and vibrators be designed to satisfy women’s sexual needs?

For men, it is incredibly important to know what to look for when buying sex toys. A dildo that has the same color and shape as a penis is unfortunately not enough to satisfy women. What’s important is the temperature of sex toys because they have to match the body’s temperature to feel nice and comfortable inside. If you think about it, which woman would actually want to have sex with a guy whose penis is cold?

Probably none, that the temperature difference between sex toys and the vagina is at least 50 °F to 59 °F below the body temperature, and that is a hell of a lot!

The importance of heat in sex toys

For us women, warmth is an important factor for good sex, because it relaxes our muscles, improves the blood circulation, makes us horny and our vagina wet. Cold temperature, on the other hand, cramps the vaginal and anal muscles and decreases the vaginal lubrication. For women, there is nothing worse than cold dildos and vibrators. They make us neither wet, nor anything else. For a smooth insertion of a dildo into our vagina, we have to be wet and for to get wet, we need warmth.

Why does the temperature of dildos and vibrators have to match the body’s temperature to actually have fun with them?

Sex toys are objects that get inserted vaginally or anally. The mucous membranes of the vagina are incredibly sensitive, which is why warmth and cold are important factors to determine how our body reacts to those toys. Cold dildos make women feel uncomfortable and unpleasant. Warm toys, however, make the sex pleasurable and exciting, and this is because the internal temperature of the vagina is 100.4 °F. The same applies to our anus and of course to the anus of men. When men get excited and horny, blood is pumped into the penis until it is properly swollen and stiff. In this state, the penis reaches a temperature of 100.4 °F as well. This proves that this temperature is natural and best for sex and makes it feel intense, pleasurable and enjoyable.


Sex toys are really important for every couple’s love life and when the temperature of the toy is right and they feel flexible and comfortable, they can work wonders for women. They not only make us super wet and horny, but they can also help us to emotional and intense orgasms. If toy manufacturers will work on sex toys that fulfill our female sexual needs in the future will be seen.  

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